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What can your organization learn from culture analysis?

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Did you know that there is a common link found among some of the most successful companies? Not only do the most successful companies attract and retain better talent, they also have better business results. Studies show that companies with a strong corporate culture outperform their competitors and have a 20-30% advantage over the competition for standing out and differentiating.  


Investing in your culture is an important step towards progress in stable organizations as well as those undergoing transformation. That's not to suggest that companies cannot have success without a culture investment. However, investing in culture serves as a great success accelerator.


Do your project teams often suffer from the "hurry up and wait" syndrome? Does the way work gets done depend on the person doing it, with limited consistency across the company? Does internal critique and cynicism stifle business growth and slow progress? Do your employees lack a common "corporate identity"? If your organization has any of these issues, it's time to focus on your culture.


a+m will help your team

  •  Identify Culture Gaps: With tools like cultural assessments and internal surveys as well as gap analysis, we help you fully understand and compare the culture you have vs. the culture you want.

  • Plan for New Culture: Once you’ve identified the culture you feel fits your organization, we will develop a strategy to achieve it.

Transforming your corporate culture requires internal training to help leaders and employees develop behaviors that are consistent with your desired culture. 

  • Reinforce New Culture: Sustaining any change requires a continuance of modeled behavior as well as support from all leadership levels. We help you develop and monitor scorecards and other culture health indicators aimed at sustaining your positive changes.

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