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& Strategy 

Executive Coaching

At Avery+Madisson, our focus is helping clients make recognizable and sustainable shifts in their effectiveness as leaders. With executive-level training, you’ll get one-on-one coaching from proven leadership experts. A+M offers leadership workshops and multiple coaching options for managers and executives from all walks and organizations – public, private,  Fortune listed, government, non- or not-for-profit, and all scales and sizes. 

Our approach

  • Self-discovery

  • Exposure to new ideas and approaches to leadership

  • Accountability to work through developing & implementing success strategies

OUR process

  • Initial call to assess the fit between your needs and our services

  • In-person or virtual meeting between coach, executive, and any other internal partners to prepare for the rigor of the process

  • A full suite of leadership assessments (180° or 360° feedback, competency,  personality, and work style indicators) as well as input from extended team and partners

  • Minimum twice monthly coaching conversations with executive 

  • Our approach can be tailored to meet clients needs and preferences

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Leadership 180° & 360°

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Executive Intensives

With A+M's 180°/360° Leadership Assessment process, leaders receive robust, detailed, and targeted feedback. This helps them identify areas they'd like to leverage for greater impact and call out those areas they'd like to strengthen.


Our team is here to support your leader and your organization from inception to action planning and execution.

Company retreats can be the catalyst for bringing out the best in your top leaders and positioning your organization to surpass its goals. A chance to “get away from it all” is crucial for you and your key executives to refocus your vision, redefine your mission and re-energize your leadership practices. Visualize your next Executive Retreat being led with a clear purpose, facilitated with open, honest communication amongst team members, and free of distractions. Your next executive retreat requires the leadership of a highly trained facilitator who has a clear understanding of your company's culture. Our experienced team will help guide your retreat with Avery+Madisson's 10 key experiences. We'll work closely with you to prioritize the leadership team's needs and produce effective results.

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leadership roundtables

Our leadership roundtable forums are intimate gatherings of 5-7 key executives from a range of organizations – Fortune 100 to global non-profits. Executives use the forum to exchange ideas, explore alternatives, and experience real change within their organizations while expanding their network with similarly situated colleagues.



Our roundtables are for executives who are tired of mundane lectures and PowerPoint presentations. This forum thrives on relevant conversation and interaction. Reach out to join the next roundtable discussion.  

Exchanging Ideas.

Exploring Alternatives.

Experiencing Real Change.

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sensitivity coaching & workshops

When a valued executive needs a deeper understanding of sensitive issues related to harassment, diversity or communication, we're here to do the work for you. A+M provides executive coaching and sensitivity training expertise to support your leader with a highly tailored and customized approach.

Collaboration for Owners & Executives

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There are times when ideas are good, but incomplete. In the best-case scenario, there are collaboration partners available within an organization to help idea-starters review, refine, and enhance concepts and ideas, ensuring well thought-through and viable outcomes. However, this is a rarity in many companies.


Let Avery+Madisson serve as your trusted collaborator. In this capacity, we listen to your ideation, thoughts and concepts. We challenge your thinking and add insights,

where applicable. We ask questions and help you see your issue from multiple vantage points. Use us to help you prepare for that market analysis, that product launch, that important meeting or simply to test your ideas.


In addition to these one-time needs, we are here to serve as your ongoing strategic thought partner. You can engage us routinely for one-on-one collaboration or listening sessions with your key executives not yet ready to share ideas with the internal team. We will serve as a neutral, unbiased confidant and sounding board. This is ideal for companies where the leadership environment is plagued by politics or for smaller companies with limited internal resources or executive staff.  

  • Private collaboration 

  • Sounding board

  • Strategic thought partner

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