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How to Begin Making Money Online and Become Location Independent

Credit: Dale Harris

Ever wanted just to be yourself?

Becoming location independent is a life goal for many. For some, it’s about having the flexibility to choose later in life. Either way, making money online by starting a freelance business is the easiest way to ensure a future of freedom for you and your family.

Here is a guide on how to start making money online.

Know Yourself

Ask yourself, know what your strength is, and what your passion is.

If the two answers are different, link the two. For example, you may want to become a web designer, but your skills are in writing. Find a web designer online who needs a writer, and you have the perfect partnership!

That way, you’ll reach your end goal quicker and be happier for it.

Know Your Finances

Working out your living costs will give you the best idea of what business approach to take. Are you a workaholic that wants to work hard and spend hard or someone who wants to work minimal hours to pay bills and enjoy the minimalist life?

We’re talking about a life of freedom here, so get your finances wrong, and you’ll be working to live, not living to work.

Location Independent Life on the Road

How you choose to live on the open road will most likely be your most significant expense.

For the ultimate mobile home experience, companies such as Leisureland RV offer a range of mobile homes that allow you to truly live the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

If you prefer to travel the world, make sure you do your research into the cost of living in the countries you will visit. Websites such as Goats on the Road offer lifestyle guides on working while traveling.

Try Before You Buy

Like testing your finances, you should also make sure that the freelance business you have chosen gives enough flexibility that you can adapt over time.

If you are good at writing but want to teach, set up a work week writing to pay the bills for a day or two, and teach guilt-free for three days a week.

That way, if teaching isn’t for you, bills are still getting paid, and you can try something completely different. It gives you flexibility, meaning you won’t have to give up on the dream and go back to reality.

A Business to Suit Your Lifestyle

Ask anyone who has chosen the location independent lifestyle. The digital nomad will tell you it’s the most liberating experience in the world.

There is more choice than ever in today’s world, giving more chances to bring your skills to the fore. Traditionally static jobs such as teaching are moving online more as we all move towards universal, remote living.

Now you’re one step closer to freedom, put your next foot forward, and keep reading our blogs about how to make your dream career your dream lifestyle.


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