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Change is good. But sometimes change can be challenging and daunting, especially when faced alone. Career transition is one of those times. This kind of change may involve an adjustment to an existing role or a completely new role. 


Change may involve leaving an organization (perhaps in unplanned or unforeseen circumstances). In this case, you may need to figure out how best to move forward — from one company or career to another.

Change can mark the beginning of your "2nd Act". This can be a fun and exciting time, but still quite daunting and challenging to step through alone. The team at Avery+Madisson is here for you!




In Avery+Madisson's PROvision experience you will:

  • Find or rediscover your sense of PURPOSE

  • RE-INVENT yourself and RE-PRESENT your image

  • Assess + OPTIMIZE opportunities to advance your focus, career, and purpose

We guide you to

  • Assess your current state for likes/dislikes and successes/shortfalls

  • Identify your key personal and career drivers

  • Reflect on your past contributions and experiences

  • Assess the market and feasibility of continuing in your career or launching a new path

  • Create or enhance your new market image

    • Resumé review

    • Social and professional networking profile review

    • Professional bio

  • Design an action-oriented transition plan

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