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Why Society Should Focus on Better Education

Credit: Dale Harris

There’s nothing new under the sun. While this can seem like a bleak statement, it’s actually very comforting when presented with challenges as a society.

When people aim for better education as a community, they find better solutions to problems that have been around since civilization began. Here’s a quick overview of why society should focus on better education as a whole.

Equal Education

Education has always been nationalistic. Just look at any country around the world with a strong economy and you’ll see a country that invested in the education of its citizens.

Just having basic primary school knowledge isn’t enough either. Countries aim to present its citizens with a culture that represents a strong image of belonging.

When Singapore emerged as a technological leader, the country’s government had already put decades into helping students excel in spatial learning. Now, Singapore math is regarded around the world as the ticket to helping students blend logic and creativity.

The spatial and visual elements of math open up students’ minds to see solutions easier in the real world. Of course, it’s helpful when these options are presented to both boys and girls.

Equal education is a major issue around the world even for countries that actively seek a better education for their citizens. Here’s a look at how unequal education kills innovation for societies that hope for stronger economies.

More Innovation

The world’s population isn’t equally male and female. It’s also not divided equally among ethnicities, skin color, or financial wealth. There’s a diversity around the globe that’s overwhelming even when it comes to something as simple as language.

Each person on the planet has a mind ripe for innovation in some form. Whether it be in the form of inspiring someone else to see a problem and move toward a solution or having a genius-level IQ, people can contribute to building more innovative societies.